During your articles you will be involved in every stage of the litigation process and will:

  • meet with clients and write opinion letters
  • draft pleadings, Affidavits of Documents and pre-trial memorandum
  • assist lawyers at examinations for discovery or review discovery transcripts and follow up for undertakings
  • draft and argue motions in court frequently
  • assist lawyers at pre-trial, mediation, trial or arbitration and at appeals in order to observe different styles of advocacy and negotiation
  • participate in trial preparation including briefing of expert and lay witness
  • have full responsibility for Small Claims Court files from investigating, negotiating to conducting the trial
  • schedule pre-trial and trial dates in court and resolve trial management issues
  • examine a judgment debtor in Aid of Execution
  • perform legal research on a wide variety of procedural and substantive issues and see how the results are used to resolve claims.

But it's not all work. We enjoy each other's company both at work as well as at firm social functions such as the Holiday party and a summer event. Students also participate in firm seminars and social events for clients.